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Northan is the jewellery company run by Alban Depper.
Alban, born in England in 1965, qualified with a degree in early medieval language and literature, before becoming a self-employed leatherworker. His particular interests in the Viking Age and his specialisation in viking design led naturally to working in wax and designing jewellery, which he has been doing since 1993.
You can see pictures of the modelling process here.

Since 1996 he has been living in Germany. When not looking after the Northan business and being a father, he is a dedicated viking re-enactor, spending much of the year touring events in Europe, with occasional visits to the US.His particular interests include fighting with steel weapons, shoemaking and travelling in the wilderness using Viking Age equipment.

When he is not modelling jewellery, he also dabbles in various other Viking Age crafts.