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Welcome to the Northan website

Viking Age jewellery made by Alban Depper.

Nowadays more and more people are discovering the rich wealth of myth and artistic tradition that has been left to us from the Viking Age. It is a passion for this northern heritage (”Northan” in the Old Norse speech), that inspires my work. I design and sculpt each of the pieces shown here myself. Each one is my original work. Although, truly original, of course, it is not. The origins are far, far older.

Treasures from the graves of warriors or from the burial mounds of queens, intricate works in gold or simple carvings in wood or stone, it is in such places that I find the origins of my original pieces. Whether exact copies or inspired variations, my work is a living part of this tradition.

Once I have modelled my design in wax, the moulding and casting is undertaken by my partners, craftsmen who take great pride in their work. They still practise the skills of the lost wax technique that was used by the Vikings. The casting is done in either a rich, golden bronze or in 925 sterling silver, before each piece is finished individually by hand. An antique patina is use to highlight the pattern.
Each piece of my work is marked with the A-rune , the first letter of my name – Alban.

If you are a new customer, let me assure you that Northan not only has a reputation for beautiful work, but also for a fast, reliable and personal service. We deliver to all parts of the world, accepting payment by credit card or bank transfer.